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The FarmThe Story of Prospect Farms

Prospect Farms’ all-natural hemp is made in Prospect, Maine. Discover the story of our high-quality CBD products in this article.

WellnessYour New Nightcap with Prospect Farms and Ritual Zero Proof

Looking for a healthier alternative to your nightcap? We’ve partnered with Ritual Zero Proof to craft three alcohol-free recipes to help you unwind and destress after a long day.

WellnessMore Than Just Best Friends: How Dogs Impact Mental Well-Being

There’s a million reasons to love dogs, but did you know that health benefits could be one of them? Learn about how dogs drive our mental and physical well-being!

WellnessBecoming Enough With SKIN&CO x Prospect Farms

When it comes to mental health, learning to talk to yourself like you’re someone you love is an incredible tool. Here, we explore how to feel like you are enough — because you are!

WellnessFinding Flow with BoxUnion x Prospect Farms

The first step to getting mentally fit is to get physically fit. Discover why — and the powerful mood-boosting benefits of boxing — in this article

WellnessPlant Therapy Is a Real Thing

We all know plants can help make a space more beautiful, but did you know they can help boost your mood? Discover the therapeutic benefits of plants in this article.

WellnessYour New Morning Routine With Prospect Farms x SkinTē

For those of us with busy schedules, getting out of bed in the morning can feel like the highest mountain to climb — but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few happy morning habits under your belt, you’ll be jumping out of bed in no time, and your entire day will be transformed.

WellnessAll Day Calm, All Day Long with Prospect Farms x Topo Designs

Getting outside each day can be a game-changer when it comes to your physical health. But did you know it could boost your mood as well? Here’s how.

WellnessBalancing the Mind With Ayurveda and Medicinal Aromatherapy

Wondering how to use these ancient traditions to help support your mental health? The founder of Rasa Veda Healing shares her expertise in this article.

WellnessWhy Self-Care Is Never Selfish With Wellthy and Prospect Farms

Taking the time to invest in yourself and your passions can feel selfish - but doing so is crucial for your mental health. Learn why self-care is never selfish in this article.

WellnessSelf-Care is Human Care: Introducing Our Mental Health Week Partners

Most of us struggle with feeling down now and then, and that’s okay! Instead of beating yourself up about being down, try these easy self-care ideas courtesy of Prospect Farms and our Mental Health Week partners.

WellnessOur Commitment to Mental Health

Most of us struggle with feeling down now and then; it’s not always easy to talk about your feelings. Keep reading to learn more about reducing mental health stigma, signs you may be struggling and how you can improve your mental health to live your best life.

WellnessDiscover Your Sleep Ritual with Prospect Farms and Gravity Blankets

More than one third of Americans don’t get enough sleep. Bedtime rituals with Prospect Farms CBD and Gravity Blankets weighted blankets can help.