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Brad Tipper, Prospect Farms CEO named to Global Wellness Institute Sleep Initiative

Brad Tipper, CEO of Prospect Farms was named to the Global Wellness Institute’s Sleep Initiative along with other leaders in the sleep wellness space including Michael J. Breus, PhD, Dr. Rebecca Robbins, and Dr. Param Dedhia.

Sleep is not just part of a healthy lifestyle; it is the foundation. And sleeping well is the ultimate preventative medicine and contributor to good health, as it is linked to lower body weights, improved mental and physical health, stronger immune systems, and lower risk of chronic diseases.

However, insufficient sleep (quantity and quality) is a global public health epidemic that is often unrecognized and under-reported. It is prevalent across various age groups (as cited in this published research paper The Global Problem of Insufficient Sleep and Its Serious Public Health Implications and others) and is considered to have rather high economic costs.

The Sleep Initiative, co-chaired by Allison Howard and Francisco Levine, exists to elevate international conversation on the importance of sleep. In its first year, the initiative will uncover the factors that contribute to restorative sleep and share tips on how to incorporate these into lifestyles, homes and hotels around the world.

Looking ahead, members will explore the interplay between sleep and other pillars of wellness (diet, exercise, etc.) and discuss evidence-based categories of products and services to help ensure restorative sleep.

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