Plant Therapy Is a Real Thing

Houseplants are more than just indoor greenery. Their presence in our lives has only begun to be researched, but we already know that having plants near us is a boost for our mental health. 

It’s an understatement to say that we’re all coping with a lot right now. The pandemic fatigue coupled with daily stressors and social isolation have sent depression rates soaring. But the calming effect of nature, whether it’s potted indoors or growing wild outside, is vital for us humans. Plants aren’t luxuries to ignore in moments of crisis — they're companions that are incredibly well-equipped to provide comfort and support in emotionally fraught times. Read on to discover why.

Plants Support Your Mental Health

Studies show that the calming effect of houseplants significantly helps decrease anxiety. When plants of any size are placed within close eyesight where you work, they aid in focus and contribute to the reduction of psychological stress. And the more time you spend among the green, the more positive overall outlook you’ll have on life. 

Typically, people who spend time immersed in nature are more energized and hopeful about life than people who spend their days indoors without greenery. Due to Coronavirus and the encroaching colder months, it isn’t always easy to venture out. But you can still get the mood-boosting benefits of nature by bringing it inside and transforming your living space with tranquil greenery that will reduce feelings of depression and boost your mood. 

Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Houseplants Closer

Plants are never just ornamental—they have purpose built into their stems. They not only help us feel better about ourselves, but they also inspire compassion for others. Research shows that folks who care for plants are more likely to care for others, and often form deeper, intimate social bonds. Extending empathy for the environment doesn’t detract from human empathy, it actually multiples it. Developing supportive social connections in turn helps ensure that you have people to turn to for support during life’s unexpected hardships.

Of course, plants will never replace a human therapist and other forms of mental health treatment, but they can help you on the journey of discovery and self-care by simply being there, quietly growing alongside you, bringing new life and steady change amidst whatever chaos is going on outside.

Add Some Greenery

Whether you’re just beginning plant care or deepening your roots, Horti’s thoughtfully designed plant subscription provides the tools, tips and plants you need to enrich your self-care practice and thrive with plants by your side. We’ve also partnered with Prospect Farms to give away one 15-plant Order a Jungle Bundle, a 750 mg Natural Balance Protect & Relief topical, and 750 mg bottles of their Awaken, Natural Balance and Dream Tinctures. Sign up HERE! 

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