Self-Care is Human Care: Introducing Our Mental Health Week Partners

Prospect Farms and our partners believe that mental health awareness is crucial for reducing stigma and helping you live the best, happiest and healthiest life possible. Our Mental Health Week Initiative — which begins today, October 10, in honor of World Mental Health Day and will continue all week long —is one way that we’ve chosen to support our community through honest conversation.

Our goal is to share tools for how Prospect Farms and our partners manage their own mental health challenges. There is no one size all model to managing your mental health, but what is important is that we prioritize it through conversation and community. 

Your Feel-Better Toolkit 

Taking steps to improve your mental health is one of the most important things you can do for your overall well-being. We want you to prioritize your mental health and find a greater sense of balance, so here are some ideas to help you feel better, destress and unwind courtesy of Prospect Farms and our Mental Health Week partnering brands.

Practice Meditation. There are many types of meditation, but the ultimate goal is to help you relax and feel peaceful, which can help improve your mental health. Bringing some plants into your space from our partner Horti can be a great way to help ease you into feeling more calm if you’re struggling to let go of the day’s stress during your meditation session.

Skip Your Evening Drink. Instead, unwind with a (zero proof) cocktail from our friends at Ritual Zero Proof — their premium spirit alternatives are made with all-natural botanical flavors, without the alcohol or calories. Invite friends to join you, or enjoy a moment of relaxation and quiet on your own.

Get Outside. Taking time out of your day to immerse yourself in nature can do wonders for your mental health. Our partner Topo Designs is here to help you find your adventure — and help you stay calm all day long in the process.

Play with your dog. If you don’t have a pet, consider getting one — it’s been proven that pet ownership can help you feel happier and healthier — something our partners Throw Me a Bone and Maev know deeply. 

Introduce healing and soothing rituals into your life. This might mean lighting some candles (like the organic beeswax candles from our friends at LesRuches or the powerful Ayurvedic remedies from Rasa Veda Healing), writing in a journal, listening to music, having a soothing cup of tea (we love the Collagen Sparkling Tea from our partner SkinTe), giving yourself permission to “be lazy” for an hour or two or even planning an entire “me” day of doing nothing.

Carve out small moments of calm. Taking 60 seconds to drop a tincture under your tongue or lovingly love a topical onto sore muscles can be the momentary reset you need if you’re starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed. Try a Prospect farms CBD tincture, such as our Balance or Natural Balance blends, or a topical like Balance, which helps with muscle recovery whenever you feel stressed or achy. They’re formulated for daily use to improve your mood and help you release stress throughout the day.

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Prioritize working out. The Mayo Clinic says that exercise is one of the best ways to boost your emotional and mental health because it promotes the production or your body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals known as endorphins, which are responsible for the runner’s high. If you haven’t already, give boxing a try — it’s a fun and energetic way to release pent-up emotions while getting a great workout. Our partners at BoxUnion have a special trial offer for you to check out their live in-home classes and 24/7 access to on-demand content as well. We’ve also teamed up with Strideline and Myles to help get your mood-boosting fitness routine up and running.

Talk about your feelings with a trusted friend or family member. Admitting how you feel is a sign of strength that allows you to take control and feel more supported. If you’re not sure how to start, try tuning in to your body and let the feelings come to you without trying to force them. Say whatever comes to mind without feeling the need to edit yourself. As our partners at SKIN&CO believe, you are more than enough, no matter what you’re feeling. 

Seek professional help if you feel like it’s too much to manage on your own. Everyone needs extra support at times — after all, if you feel physically ill, you go to the doctor, and it’s no different with your mental health. If you’re unsure how to find a qualified counselor, you can search for a licensed provider in your area through the Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s online database.

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